Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Peaches are one of the very best things about summer time. They are so delicious! Some people think that Georgia has the best peaches, but they are wrong. The best peaches come from Chilton County, Alabama. It's true! They are soooo good.

Well I was craving peaches since it is summer time. So I went to the store to find some! But here in CA all I could find were white peaches....Those are not peaches. I wanted the juicy ones! I finally found some at a grocery store here! I was so excited. But when I ate one it just wasn't very good.... Made me want an AL peach. I had some while in AL this summer, but one can never have enough juicy AL peaches!

If my opinion isn't enough, just look at this water tower in Clanton, AL (which is in Chilton County):

Who wouldn't want to live where peaches are so good they even make a water tower to represent the goodness?? ;-)


  1. So true, Elizabeth! I noticed you posted the G-rated side of the water tower! Nice choice!

  2. Hey! Have you ever been to the peach park? We stopped on the way from Birmingham to Montgomery - loved it!

  3. You HAVE been to Peach Park. You were much younger and Mimi and Grandad were here. I think we had been strawberry picking. We had ice cream cones.