Monday, June 18, 2012

Umm...Where are the trees??

I absolutely love mountains. If I could choose between a day at the beach and a day in the mountains, mountains would win every time. Give me a nice windy mountain road to drive on, a pleasant trail to walk, and beautiful trees to look at and I am happy. So naturally, one of the very first things I noticed when I moved to California was the mountains. As everyone knows there are, of course, mountains in California. However what some people might not realize is how bare they are....Where are all the trees?! In the South, trees cover the mountain sides but in California the mountains seem to be dotted with little bushes.....Yes, I do know about the Redwood Forests, and I have been to several tree covered mountain places in Nor. Cal. but in general the majority of the mountains look very odd.

To prove my point:

Here are some typical mountains in Tennessee:

Here are some typical mountains in Northern California:

See what I mean? Very different....Both are pretty in their own ways (the CA beauty is growing on me) but they are very different indeed. Needless to say, I love finding places like this in California to get my tree covered mountain fix:

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  1. Yep, those are indeed California mountains! That's why they're romantically called 'golden', although 'brown' is closer to the truth. :) Looking forward to reading more, Liz!